TheoryBoard – Music Theory Made Easy

Entering the world of music is always daunting, with music theory being perhaps the scariest avenue. However, the arrival of TheoryBoard could change that…


An evolution of the MIDI controller, the kickstarter project looks to channel the language of music theory through the amalgamation of colour and sound, providing a “synthetic experience for anyone interfacing with the product.”


“Diatonic scales, chord groups, and the correlations between them are expressed through color giving the user a unique advantage by allowing visual reference points while playing. The TheoryBoard houses every scale known to man. When the user selects a scale they have full access to every note and every possible chord within that scale.”

The creators tell us that “all the right combinations are right there at your fingertips”, meaning the TheoryBoard’s appeal ranges from the complete novice to advanced producers.

Pricing and Availability:
TheoryBoard has 45 days left of its kickstarter campaign, and at the time of writing, has raised $88,929 of its $100,000 goal. Prices start at $350 so if this is something you’re interested in then head to the kickstarter page for full information.