NAMM 2016: Thermionic Culture introduces The Swift

Combining the best Classic e.q ideas from USA and UK, plus our own special features, Thermonic Culture introduces :- The Swift all valve 2 Channel Stereo Equaliser. Named after Britain’s fastest flying bird, is quick and easy to use with a very clearly laid out front panel. Frequencies have been carefully chosen working in conjunction with noted International Producers and Engineers.


Features include:-


• Shelving Bass and Treble lift/ cut Controls at 2 frequencies each;

• Mid Cut and Lift at 4 Frequencies each with Three ‘Q’ combinations;

• Our own Presence and Air Controls;

• A Switchable High Pass Filter with a Special last position which used in

conjunction with the Bass lift can be a very interesting combination;

• Adjustable gain in .75 dB steps;


• Handmade in England using the same Chassis as our Classic PHOENIX and the

same Valves (Tubes ) as our LITTLE RED BUSTARD .

The Swift Will be on sale well in time for nesting ……

The Swift breeds in the UK during spring / summer then flies South at up to 100 miles per hour for winter sun !!!