Townsend Labs Sphere 1.5 compensates for reflection filter sound

New Sphere 1.5 software for modelling mic removes colouration introduced by portable vocal booths, and adds four new mic models.

Townsend Labs wowed us back in 2018 when we reviewed their impressive Sphere L22 modelling mic. Since then, they’ve partnered up with Universal Audio to offer even more classic mic models. And now they’re tackling a new problem: portable vocal booths.

With an increasing number of vocalists and broadcasters working at home in suboptimal acoustic environments, there’s an increased need for reflection filters such as the Kaotica Eyeball, sE Electronics Reflexion Filter and Aston Halo. These all succeed in reducing unwanted room reflections. However, they often introduce new and also unwanted colouration. Townsend Labs’ new IsoSphere technology is designed to remedy that.

According to its makers, the newly patented IsoSphere technology in the Sphere 1.5 software enhances off-axis behaviour for maximum and tailors the frequency response to compensate for unwanted colouration. And Townsend Labs say this will lead to even better-sounding recordings.


The new software also introduces four new mic models, joining the existing 30+. The first is the LD-87 Modern, based on a current Neumann U87 – renowned for voiceover and broadcasting. Next is the LD-37A, modelled on the warm-sounding Sony C-37P as used by Frank Sinatra – which is ideal for taming sibilance while retaining ‘air’. The third is the LD-37P, a model of a rarer FET version of the Sony which has a brighter character for adding excitement. Finally, for the DN-20, Townsend Labs has modelled the Electrovoice RE-20, a large-diaphragm dynamic mic, that’s equally at home in the broadcast studio as in front of a kick drum.

Beyond that, version 1.5 adds a new range of artist presets, from producers such as Joe Chiccarelli and Billy Bush, and new presets from voiceover artists.

To round things out, version 1.5 has a new UI that brings essential controls to the forefront, making it even easier to use.

The new Sphere 1.5 software is a free upgrade for Sphere L22 users and is available in VST, Audio Unit, plus Universal UAD-2/Apollo and AAX.

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