Try before you buy your samples with Tracklib Loops

    The new feature lets you loop a track before you buy it

    Tracklib, an online library of pre-cleared tracks for sample use, has revealed Loops, its new tool for finding great samples. All of the tracks available on Tracklib can be looped at any point, allowing you to hunt for a sample before you download it and load it into a DAW.

    The tool lets you select between one, two, four or eight bar loops using a simple plus and minus button next to the loop button in the player. Whilst you’re in loop mode and found a sample you like, you can save the loop to a collection, with no limit to how many loops you can save of one track in any collection.

    Tracks can then be downloaded directly from Tracklib and dropped into your DAW to transform your idea into a new composition. Tracklib Loops is a free feature, you just need to create an account and you’re good to go.


    Find out more at



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