Train your ears to detect saturation and distortion with Distorted Reality

Producers looking to sharpen up their ears will want to take a look at Distorted Reality, a new distortion ear training game from SoundGym…

distorted reality

For those who don’t know SoundGym is an audio ear training platform that design a variety of sound games. “Distorted Reality’ is the 8th sound game on SoundGym,” a spokesperson tells us. “It is designed to help a user to detect saturation and distortion on various sound sources.”


Distorted Reality is a Pro game available for SoundGym Pro Members, however for this weekend (ends March 26th) only free members can try it out too.

If you get a taste for ear training then head to SoundGym here to find out more about a Pro membership, which includes more sound games, audio workouts, focused training, premium sounds and more. Pro membership costs $14.95/month or $119/year.