Unfiltered Audio’s patchable soft synth beast, LION, is out now

After making their mark with SpecOps and BYOME effects plug-ins, the company steps into the synth jungle with LION

Billed by Unfiltered Audio as “the King of soft synths”, LION is a two-oscillator synthesiser with some serious versatility. Each oscillator features 26 modes, including FM, subtractive or additive waveforms, ‘super’ oscillator stacks, microsound, and noise. So, while these oscillators are run through a filter, much like other subtractive synthesisers, LION can pack a much heavier punch.

Although LION uses a single-screen GUI, it’s capable of creating powerful sounds that one would expect to hear from massive chains of processing and automation; you can get a taster of that from the overview below. Couple this with being able to make virtual patches similar to those in real-world modular synths, LION looks like it has the potential for many hours of experimentation.

If you are the type to play around with presets, LION is equipped with a “fruitful factory library of nearly 600 presets spanning many musical genres and styles”, according to the company. And, with randomisation features, it looks like you can quickly explore new possibilities within a preset or your own patch.


Check out the demo video below to hear some of the different sounds LION is capable of:

Unfiltered Audio’s LION is now available from Plugin Alliance at $169. Find out more at plugin-alliance.com.