Universal Audio releases Lexicon 480L plug-in

It’s billed as the “the world’s only Lexicon-endorsed emulation of this classic studio reverb”.

Universal Audio Lexicon 480L

Universal Audio has released the Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects plug-in, an emulation of the popular studio reverb unit.


The Lexicon 480L has been a sonic benchmark and central piece of studio consoles ever since its release in 1986. And while vintage units can easily cost thousands of dollars, UA’s plug-in will only set you back $349.

It includes all of the legendary original reverb and modulation algorithms, a re-creation of the “LARC” remote, and more than 100 artist presets.

More info from Universal Audio here:

Universal Audio is proud to release the Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects plug-in. Now available exclusively for UAD hardware and UA Audio Interfaces, the Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects Plug-in is the world’s only Lexicon-endorsed emulation of this classic studio reverb – expertly capturing its unique, infinitely moldable ambience and modulation splendour.

Released in 1986, the Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System and its iconic fader-driven remote control are recognised the world over, residing at the centre of famous studio consoles for more than 30 years. The 480L’s spacious reverb and vivid effects textures are a coveted sonic benchmark, helping to shape thousands of chart-topping tracks to this day.

In addition to Lexicon’s prized reverbs, the Lexicon 480L’s random time-varying “Effects” algorithm – available for the first time ever – provides dramatic reverse, doubling, tremolo and chorus sounds. Combined with its unique four-voice Twin Delay algorithm, the Effects algorithm turns the 480L into a versatile multi-effects system with unending creative potential.


Key Features:

  • Licensed and endorsed by Lexicon, featuring its pinnacle achievement algorithm designs
  • Provides the essential sound and control set of the legendary Lexicon hardware
  • Enduring Lexicon reverb and effects derived from final software version 4.10 including Plate, Hall, Room, Random, Ambience, Twin Delays and Effects algorithms
  • UAD plug-in recreates iconic desktop “LARC” remote with logical workflow improvements
  • Includes over 100 artist presets from Spike Stent, Chuck Zwicky, Eli Janney, Ian Boxill, Jacknife Lee, and more

More info at uaudio.com.