UVI’s Augmented Piano takes software piano in a new direction

If Nils Frahm playing a piano with toilet brushes started you thinking about other unorthodox combinations on piano then you’ll definitely be interested in UVI’s Augmented Piano; a new one-of-a-kind creative instrument with 24 complete preparations…

“Ever wondered what a piano would sound like played with a bow, guitar pick or plucked with your fingers?” asks a spokesperson at UVI. “What if you could layer those sounds together with differing attack and decay times? Now you can.” Recorded on a 1909 Pleyel Grand using a stereo Royer ribbon mic, a stereo-pair of BK condensers, and a mono PZM (pressure zone microphone), Augmented Piano aims to offer something new and inspiring in a saturated market.


augmented piano

Users can choose from Bow, Brush Slide, Brush Tap, Caps, Coin, eBow, Finger, Finger Muted, Harmonics, Key Noise, Metal Foil, Metal Sticks, Muted, Normal, Pick, Pick Muted, Rubber, Screws, Structural Effects, Tack, Tacked Muted, Una Corda, Wallet, Wood Stick and mixed preparations, all of which can be layered to create some unique soundscapes.

We’re told that each of the mic signals in Augmented Piano is presented discretely along with release volume, sympathetic resonance volume and pedal volume, providing absolute control over the instrument sound and features extensive creative controls and effects to shape your sound.

Augmented Piano key features:

  • 1909 Pleyel Grand outfitted with 24 complete preparations
  • The only virtual tacked grand piano on the market
  • 3 discrete, fully mixable signals (Stereo Ribbon, Condenser pair, PZM)
  • Control over release volume, sympathetic resonance volume and pedal volume
  • On-board ADSR envelope, multi-mode filter, filter envelope, tone and portamento
  • FX section including IR, Drive, EQ, Thorus, Phaser, Delay and Sparkverb
  • Easily create layered sounds and custom keyzones with multis in UVI Workstation or Falcon
  • Modern and Intuitive user interface
  • 23,000+ sample library, losslessly streamed for speed and efficiency
  • Flexible licensing supports 3 concurrent authorizations

Pricing and Availability:
Augmented Piano is available now for the introductory price of €99 through to March 26th (usually €149). For further information head to the product page.