NAMM 2020: Warm Audio’s BUS-COMP is remarkably affordable

Featuring SSL-style VCA bus compression with a twist.

NAMM 2020: Warm Audio has revealed the BUS-COMP, a two-channel stereo VCA compressor with an all-analogue signal path.

SSL-style VCA bus compressors, such as Warm’s latest offering, are renowned for their ability to control group and stereo master dynamics while adding depth and tone.

Warm Audio’s BUS-COMP strays from tradition, by putting switchable USA-made Cinemag transformers in the signal path driven by fully discrete op-amps. A single push of a front panel switch inserts these custom transformers into the audio path for increased depth, tone and vibe.


Other features of the BUS-COMP include a selectable Hi-pass filter. Additionally, the BUS-COMP can be used on both stereo and mono sources, and performs well over a variety of instruments.

The Warm Audio is now available for $699. For more information, click here.

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