Warm Audio Reveal WA-412 – Four-channel Preamp and DI

Warm Audio has revealed the WA-412, their new four-channel microphone preamplifier and instrument DI.

Featuring 4 channels of classic American console preamps, a style that is often dubbed “the sound of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Warm Audio hopes to deliver the same punchy low end and smooth open top end in the WA-412. With fully discrete socketed 6-pin opamps and custom wound Altran USA input and output transformers the WA-412 “leaves nothing to be desired”

The biggest selling point of the WA-412 is perhaps the price, which Warm Audio claims “is almost unfathomable to the experienced studio engineer who has possibly paid much more for preamps for this style during their career.”

Retailing at $1,199 the WA-412 will go on sale from December 2016, for full information head to here