Create Authentic Middle Eastern Rhythms With Eastern Percussion Module

Creating realistic Middle Eastern rhythms has never been easier as Zero-G release Eastern Percussion Module…

eastern percussion module

Created by the same developer behind ethnic percussion libraries Beats From The East, Deepest India, Vindaloops, Beats Working In Cuba and many more, Eastern Percussion Module aims to deliver a highly flexible experience that will add an exotic feel to any style of music.


Comprising over 5,000 high quality drum samples in a “dynamic” Kontakt GUI, users can get hands-on with full mixing control, experimenting with effects and a huge selection of MIDI grooves covering Middle Eastern, Egyptian, North African and Turkish styles.

Featuring Bandirs, Riqs, Doholas, Darabukas, Djembe, Sagat and more, each individual percussion instrument can be manipulated in a multitude of ways to create totally unique percussion instruments and tracks.

Eastern Percussion Module key features

  • Over 5,000 44.1 KHz, 24bit compressed samples.
  • Ready to use programmed mixes with 30 user preset mix slots.
  • 15 instrument channels.
  • Controllable EQ, transients, compressor, saturator, pan, volume, tune, RR, AHD, mute, solo, and reverb send for each channel.
  • Master reverb with 41 room impulses.
  • 82 pre-programmed MIDI grooves and styles with 12 variations for each, totalling almost 1000 individual rhythms.
  • Drag and drop MIDI to DAW functionality.
  • Swing and quantize function with double and half speed all synced to host tempo.
  • 12 controlled round robins for increased realism.
  • Automatic dynamic velocity.

Requires Kontakt 5.7 (full version)

Pricing and Availability:

Eastern Percussion Module is available now for the special 20% introductory discount of $53.59, until 21st November (usually $66.99) and you’ll also receive Zero-G’s Ethnic Flavours sample pack worth £18.50 for free!