ZVEX Effects TB-1 Microphone Is Made With A Real Tea Ball

If your affectation for hot cuppa is as strong as your love for music technology then you’ll want to check out ZVEX Effects TB-1 Tea Ball microphone…

If the outer case reminds you of a classic loose leaf tea strainer, that’s because it is! ZVEX tells us that because the mic is housed within the tea ball, it can reject sound sources that are more than an inch away from the grill, making it ideal for cutting out ambient noise in the studio or on stage.


Getting up close and personal with the TB-1 won’t be as unpleasant as a traditional mic either, says ZVEX. “The mesh on the tea ball will never chip your teeth like an SM58 because it’s quite springy. That’s important because the best sound from this mic comes from putting your mouth right up against it. The entire mic disassembles easily by unplugging the electronics and lifting out the internal foam windscreen which can be washed in soapy water.”

The TB-1’s output level is similar to that of a guitar, featuring a 1/4” female jack that runs parallel to the microphone stand. It’s powered by 2 CR2032 batteries, with a life of up to 100 hours.

Pricing and Availability:

You can pre-order the TB-1 from the ZVEX Effects website for $249.