Abletunes EQ WISE+ Review – A Go-To EQ Resource

Alex Holmes adds Abletunes’ EQ WISE+ into his rotation for a look at one of the more easy-to-use and educational EQ plug-ins available…

eq wise+

Price $49



EQ WISE+ key features

  • EQ plug-in with built-in frequency charts
  • VST and AU (32- and 64-bit), PC and MAC
  • HP, LP, HS, LS and four parametric filters
  • Adaptive Q, 2x oversampling, 42 presets
  • 32 freq charts for acoustic and electronic instruments

EQ WISE+ from Abletunes aims to combine handy, instrument-specific frequency hints with an easy-to-use EQ plug-in, so you have the info at your fingertips. The plug-in’s layout
is a standard setup of a high-pass, low-pass, low and high shelves and four parametric bell filters, with gain/slope and Q controls for each.

There’s also adaptive Q, 2x oversampling, a spectrogram, and an A/B function, plus a bunch of well-programmed presets. The unique feature of EQ WISE+, though, is a drop-down menu of 32 charts for different electronic and acoustic instruments.

These charts present specific phrases like low-end rumble, mud, presence and air across a frequency-range bar at the top, with supplied hints at the bottom offering useful mix suggestions for each region.

EQ as an area can be difficult and elusive for beginners to grasp, so this is an excellent educational addition – our only minor gripe is that we would have liked the ability to change the speed of the spectrogram, but overall, this is a useful tool to help you learn about EQ and different frequency ranges.