Review: Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss

The Event Boss is a very useful and appealing module for creative and utility operations, packing plenty into its slim 6HP form.

Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss





Price £199
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ADE-33 Event Boss key features:

  • Pattern and rhythm generator
  • 36 algorithms in 6 categories
  • Also operates as a clock divider/multiplier
  • Width: 6HP
  • Current draw: +12V: 53mA / -12V: 35mA (average)

Abstract Data’s recent little module is a multifaceted and slightly randomised affair, which offers the Eurorack user options for functionality, both as a Gate/pattern generator or as a more utilitarian clock divider and multiplier. Beginning with the more creative elements, the Event Boss takes an incoming Gate-style signal, and according to its settings, outputs the Gate in a mutated form. The degree of mutation is dictated via the choice of mode, which extends from phasing, elements of probability, logic and so on.

In its most simplistic form, a Gate signal can be delayed for phasing-style effects, while probability will allow for settings to emulate coin toss or percentage-style randomness. In more general use, it will divide or multiply an incoming Gate signal.


Each mode offers six settings within, while a fair degree of CV control can introduce even greater elements of randomness to the already randomised elements, if you see what I mean… Thankfully, you don’t actually need to understand the theory behind each mode, as the hard work has been done for you.