Acon Digital Restoration Suite Review

In this mini-review we take a peek at Acon Digital’s Restoration Suite…

Manufacturer Acon Digital
Price $99.90


This has recently been updated to v1.5, and includes four plug-ins for cleaning up digital audio. DeNoise offers adaptive noise reduction for stationary noise such as broadband, hiss, wind and buzz, whilst DeHum deals with mains hum and other tonal noises, and includes up to 96 harmonic bands for reducing complex buzzing.

The other two plug-ins are DeClip for restoring audio damaged by clipping, and DeClick, for removing clicks and crackles. We tested each next to the equivalent in iZotope’s recent RX4 and while RX4 offers more precise and scientific control, Acon Digital’s processors were easier and quicker to use with fairly close results.