Blue Lola Headphones Review

In this review we take a look at Blue’s very comfortable Lola headphones….

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Manufacturer Blue
Price £220
Contact via website


A short while back, we picked Blue’s latest headphone range as one of our ‘six products of NAMM that you may have missed’. This was mainly down to the design; not only do they look darn cool, but they have been designed from scratch to be different from your average ’phones (rather like Blue did with its microphones).

As we found out when we reviewed the Mo-Fi model from the range, this new ground-up thinking has resulted in headphones that work very well in terms of comfort, but also sound very good.


So on to these, the Lola model from the range. The first thing that strikes you is the aforementioned brand-new design, which helps the ’phones sit and fit around your head. There’s no shifting of parts to extend straps, as the ’phones expand width-ways to cover your head and the pads angle forwards to fit your ear height.

They therefore fit snugly on when you use them, and when you’re done with them, they return to their original ‘compact’ position with just a little gentle nudging. It’s a very cool concept and well executed.

Some may criticise these for being too heavy and large for mobile use and they are heavier and larger than our AT reference ’phones (less heavy than Mo-Fi). However, our grown-up ‘dad voice’ says you shouldn’t be using these when out and about anyway – the isolation is very, very good, so you won’t hear what is around you.

Sound-wise, this isolation is important. These are effectively the passive version of the Mo-Fis, with no built-in amp, but the isolation is so good and the design makes them so snug-fitting, that you don’t feel any lack of volume at all.

For listening to and monitoring on (arguably not critical monitoring, but certainly good enough for reference), the Lolas are a very good buy. For the money, we’d even say that these are the better buy of the two Blues we’ve now looked at – with the Mo-Fis you might be paying extra for volume levels you might not need – but we’d recommend both as good reference sets. Like all ’phones with good isolation, however (adopts dad voice) – just don’t take them out and about, kids.

Key Features
● Sealed enclosure with tuned damping materials
● 50mm, fibre-reinforced dynamic driver
● Over-ear design for isolation
● Imp: 42 ohms
● Multi-jointed headband design
● Frequency response: 15Hz-20kHz
● Weight: 397g
● Dimensions (mm) 210 x140 x120