Blue Mo-Fi Headphones Review

In this review we take a look at the Mo-Fi headphones from Blue…


Manufacturer Blue
Price £274
Contact via website


We picked the Mo-Fi headphones as one of our ‘six products of NAMM that you may have missed’. If we’re honest, we based that on their looks and ground-up design. For the former, you can’t blame us as they look great, but for the latter, Blue has taken the headphone concept and turned it on its head – rather like it attempted to do with the microphone.

The Mo-Fi headphones have been designed with maximum comfort in mind, and an audiophile experience helped by an onboard amp, which Blue says is doing to headphones what active monitors did to studio speakers. Quite a claim…

The headphones themselves are relatively heavy compared to some we’ve looked at of late, but they fit incredibly well around your head. You might not think so at first, as they’re quite compact when you remove them from their box.


However, the headband extends from a compact, sprung storage position outwards, and if this wasn’t enough, both phones extend downwards, too. This is the clever bit; rather than notching them down as you possibly would with some headphones (always hit and miss, at best), you gently pull the ’phones away from you and they drop. Very cool, but hard to get across without seeing it in action!

Sound-wise, these are right up there with our reference ATs and they translated a mix we were working on very well indeed – all of the detail we expected was there. They can be loud with the amp on and this tends to crank the bass, but they are always comfortable – the extra weight not being an issue – and noise isolation is very good.

Small niggles: the amp switch crackles a little, the short cable is very short (you get a longer one, too) and you will need to charge for four hours (for active mode). But none of these are massive no-nos, especially given the great all round sound vs. comfort vs. noise isolation. Pricey? Yes, but do we have to say again about spending money on what you’re listening to your music with? Thought not.

So we may have picked Mo-Fi out as one of our ‘NAMM Six’ based on their looks, but their performance is right up there with the design. Great cans.

Key Features
● Built-in ‘audiophile’ amp
● 12-hour battery life (4-hour charge)
● Three analogue amp modes
● 50mm, fibre-reinforced dynamic driver
● Over-ear design for isolation
● Multi-jointed headband design
● Imp: 42 ohms
● Multi-jointed headband design
● Frequency response: 15Hz-20kHz
● Weight: 466g