Bobby Owsinski Courses 101 Mixing Tricks Review

An excellent course packed to the rafters with pro mixing ideas and Eureka! moments that will expand your skillset.

Bobby Owsinki Courses 101 Mixing Tricks

Price $297 (streamed online)
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101 Mixing Tricks key features:

  • 101 mixing videos
  • Keys, bass, drums, guitars, vocals and more
  • Expert tricks from pro studios
  • Written and presented by Bobby Owsinski
  • Bonus content and extra videos

101 Mixing Tricks is an online course of useful bite-sized videos between five and 10 minutes in length, written and presented by veteran engineer Bobby Owsinski, who has over 20 books to his name. These pearls of wisdom have been collected over many years and include different ways to mix drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals, plus tricks for balance, panning, EQ, compression and reverb.

Most examples are presented in Pro Tools and use a range of third-party plug-ins, but are relevant to any DAW, with good use of in-depth A/Bing and a well presented delivery. The price is currently $297 and includes a wealth of bonuses, including mixing and mastering ebooks and checklists, an invite to an active Facebook group, and additional editing and vintage-gear tricks videos, although the price may be going up in January.