CableGuys HalfTime Review

Alex Holmes takes CableGuys’ latest plug-in HalfTime for a spin…


Price €10/$12
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HalfTime key features

  • Time manipulation VST/AU effect
  • 2x, 4x and 1.5x speeds
  • 9 Different loop lengths
  • Wet/dry with fade-in controls
  • Frequency band selection for effect

HalfTime is a fun new plug-in from Cableguys that’s based on the technology behind TimeShaper, and can be used to create slowed and pitched-down beat and instrument effects. You can select from half and 4x speed for octaves, and 1.5x speed for 5ths and triplet edits, with a large button in the middle to trigger the effect on and off.

There are then nine loop-length buttons that can create different chops, from super-slow loops, to preserving the tempo and working like a pitch-shifter. Elsewhere, there’s a dry/wet dial with editable fade in and out times, which lets you create interesting polyrhythms and harmonies, plus a filter to restrict the frequency range of the effect.

There’s also a useful Smooth control to help retain transient punch on percussive sounds or reduce clicks and pops on sustained instruments.