Calvertron Bass Asylum Review

Bass music is a genre defined only by its predominant use of animated, aggressive bass sounds that function for both the bottom end and lead sounds in a song. Though it’s an umbrella term for various other tempo-defined genres, this sample pack focuses on the whole bass music spectrum, with loops that cover 110, 123, 140 and 174BPM.


Manufacturer Prime Loops
Price £24.95
Contact via website

The pack includes bass in one-shot or loop forms. Drums are available as loops, single hits and also ‘top’ sounds and fills. The rest of the pack focuses on sub bass drops and synth loops for higher melodic information.

The single bass hits and loops are heavily processed with filtering, modulation effects, ambience and other smaller details that create a lot of interest for the listener. The single hits provide only one note per sound, so they are either for spreading across a sampler or using as material for re-sampling purposes. There is a much broader range of sounds in the bass loops category, going from low to higher bass registers and varying from screaming mids to rumbly Reese-like tones. The synth loops are also varied and in line with the current trend for modern takes on old-skool trance and hard-style production values.

The drum loops are sonically and rhythmically quite varied and have a pre-mixed sound to them. The FX cover ascending, descending, impact and even some vocal snippets as well, making this is a well rounded pack. Calvertron is the producer behind this pack and his style shines through, giving you a selection of production-ready samples to use in your own work.



Aggressive bass, energetic drums and various interesting melodic ideas on tap for fans of bass music.