Crunchy Beats & SP Samples

Billed as ‘bringing sampling techniques of the past to the future’ and produced by Rawcutz, the masters of smoking samples who brought us Smoker’s Delight back in the day, we have very high hopes for this collection.

Manufacturer Loopmasters
Price £39.95


Within the 500MB collection you get breaks, individual beats, atmospheres and incidentals. The breaks are great if a little samey – it’s the swinging hip hop beat with the snares fixed, a formula that never really gets broken, but neither should it. Fortunately there are plenty of individual hits (kicks, snares and hats) to break away if you want to and record your own loops, and these individual hits are very well recorded and all useful in whatever beats you create. The Rex files too are a good addition as you are, of course, able to change things around a bit making them ultimately less samey.

Even more interesting is the vast collection of incidental samples; a huge range of atmospheric riffs and recordings that you could easily drop into any song: from hip hop to jazz, from acoustic to ambient. Indeed, some of these are so interesting and varied that they could provide the inspiration on their own for complete productions. There are guitar riffs, key riffs, lots of delays, lots of other effects – plenty here to take you in whatever direction you want to go or are easily led into.

So, overall, the beats are crunchy, not that varied, but the SP Samples are great and worth the cash alone.