Zero G Cyberstorm Review

In the heat of watching a high-octane sci-fi action sequence or shooting your way through the levels of a modern game, it’s easy to forget that each and every sound has been hand-crafted and layered to produce something vibrant and believable.



Price £60.95
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Cyberstorm sees sound designer Frédéric Devanlay teaming up with Xfonic and Zero-G for a tour-de-force library of futuristic warfare sounds inspired by the likes of the Terminator and Transformers films.

The huge library contains 1,300 samples and over 2.3GB of content in Acid WAV and Apple Loops formats, plus 45 patches for Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT and HALion. There are plenty of sounds on offer, including sliding doors, snarling drone scouts, massive explosions, futuristic weapons, electronic bleeps and hundreds of different-size servos. A range of synths and samplers were used for making the sounds, along with home appliances and car servos morphed with animal sounds for the drones.

The level of detail is hugely impressive, from the clatter of falling debris to the sounds of mines activating and bullets ricocheting. Devanlay has clearly put a lot of thought into creating unique-sounding robotic creatures that feel alive and threatening and with plenty of subtle variations, meaning you don’t have to repeat the same piece of audio twice. There’s also a good mix of super-high-tech-sounding movements and more raw and mechanical clunks and whirs.

We can’t really fault this library: it’s large, competitively priced and exceptionally well produced.




A meticulously detailed library of superb robotic and futuristic warfare sounds that should be an essential purchase for anyone working on sci-fi action or sci-fi horror projects.


Key Features
Futuristic robot and warfare sounds
1,300 samples and 45 sampler patches
2.3GB of 24-bit audio
Inspired by Terminator and Transformers films
Produced by sound designer Frédéric Devanlay