Drumming for Dance Music (EDM) With Paul Kodish Review

In today’s review we take a look at something a little bit different – an online course that provides an education to drummers and producers alike. We take a look at Drumming for Dance Music with Paul Kodish…


Manufacturer Producertech
Price £49.95
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Various drummers over the years have managed to bridge the gap between live drum performance and electronic music. Notably, Clive Deamer’s work as the backbone of Portishead and Roni Size’s Reprazent in the 90s showed us that there is a place for human groove in electronic music, both in the studio and onstage. There are a handful of contemporary drummers who shine in Clive’s footprint, the most well known being Andy Gangadeen, KJ Sawka, Jungle Drummer and Paul Kodish. Between them, these guys have performed live for Pendulum, Chase & Status, London Elektricity, Apollo 440, DJ Fresh and Destroid.

This streaming online course is purely about drumming for electronic music, focusing on hip hop, dubstep, house, breaks and drum & bass. Paul Kodish takes you from the basis of good technique for ergonomics and stamina to understanding rhythmic measures. For stick techniques, single- and double-stroke approaches are covered and given context to when they’re most useful in electronic music. Heel-and-toe techniques are also slowed down so you can learn to create the sometimes intricate rhythms required.

Paul’s presentation style is quite informal, throwing in various useful tidbits of information as they become relevant. This makes the course feel more like a long one-on-one tutorial session, which we think works well when learning a new instrument.

After 11 videos on technique, the skills are then put into context for each genre. A nice progression of intricacy develops with each video, while Paul is careful to slow down trickier parts so they are easier to grasp.


We chose to review this course as we thought it would offer education to drummers, programmers and engineers alike. Although this does turn out to be the case, it’s more focused on core drumming techniques for those at the earlier stages of playing. However, the techniques are solid and will help beginners to focus on the right area if electronic music is their thing.