Diva Expansion Review – A Slice Of Old-School Cool

NewLoops has released the new Diva Expansion, which bolsters the u-he Dive soft synth with a host of new presets. We plug in and explore our inner diva…

diva expansion

Publisher NewLoops
Price £19.99
(requires u-he Diva 1.4 or later)
Contact via website
Web www.newloops.com


Diva Expansion is a new set of 76 presets crafted by New Loops for u-he’s Diva soft synth. The focus is on usable, musical sounds and the collection contains a broad range of both classic, analogue-style patches and more upfront tones, making it viable for media composers and multiple electronic genres.

You’ll find resonant basses, old-skool chords, FM bells, aggressive super-saw leads, arpeggiated plucks and cinematic pads, with good use of the mod wheel and velocity to help make patches feel tactile. The broad range means that not all sounds will be suitable for each user, and it would have been useful to separate them into categories.

However, detail and programming quality are excellent and show a deep understanding of the synth, making this a good resource for anyone looking to expand their Diva library.

Diva Expansion key features

  • 76 Presets for u-he Diva
  • Vintage and modern synth sounds
  • Plucks, chords, arps, basses, leads and more
  • Mod-wheel assign on each patch
  • Level matched