Review: Producertech Melodic Deep Tech House And Techno Production

    We explore a massively in-depth course from Producertech that sees Simon Shackleton craft a deep melodic tech-house track.


    An in-depth and well-explained track build that includes plenty of useful tips on sound design, mixing and composition.
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    This massive new seven-hour course from Producertech sees veteran producer Simon Shackleton (whose aliases include Elite Force, Zodiac Cartel and Lunatic Calm) create a deep melodic tech-house track from scratch using Ableton. There are 47 videos in total, with the early chapters covering building up and processing the drums and bass parts and the middle chapters looking at adding chord stabs, a lead synth, pads and strings.


    Finally, Shackleton wraps things up by adding some vocal chops and extra effects. The Live Project files accompany the course, plus 135MB of Loopmasters samples. This is an incredibly in-depth course for the price and everything is explained in detail, including both composition and theory elements and production and mixing techniques. If you’re looking to take things further, though, then there’s actually more planned, including part 2, covering expanding the arrangement and part 3, covering final mixing.

    Key features

    • Melodic tech course taught in Ableton
    • 7 hours streamed video
    • 16 modules, 47 chapters
    • 135MB of bonus samples
    • Includes accompanying project files


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