FaderPro In The Studio w/ Danny Byrd Review

Hospital Records veteran Danny Byrd invites us into his studio in this new course that sees the producer create a heavy, uplifting drum and bass tune from scratch across 15 videos.

FaderPro In The Studio w/ Danny Byrd


Price $49.99
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In The Studio w/ Danny Byrd key features:

  • Drum and Bass production in Logic Pro
  • 15 Streamed chapters
  • 3hrs 45mins
  • Drums, bass, chords, melodies, FX & arrangement
  • Project files included
  • Presented by Danny Byrd

Early chapters focus on building up drums, samples, melodies, and bass elements, before moving on to adding FX and vocal snippets, and pulling out the arrangement.

There’s a chapter on mastering that feels a little short, but really the focus here is on composition and production. Everything is taught in Logic, alongside a bunch of third party plug-ins, instruments and an MPC, and although it focusses on drum and bass, there are plenty of more general writing tips.

We enjoyed the course and found it easy to follow. Byrd gets results quickly so you’re not spending too much time watching him experiment.