Music Gurus Fast Songwriting with Ableton Live Review

Fast Songwriting with Ableton Live looks to speed up your workflow and help break through writer’s block with a series of compositional exercises. Alex Holmes looks for inspiration…

fast songwriting with ableton live

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Key features:

  • Song/track writing course in Ableton Live
  • 19 lessons, 2h 54m
  • 2.5GB of project files and resources
  • Songwriting template for Live
  • Option to send tracks for 1-on-1 feedback

This new course from Music Gurus sees certified trainer Isaac Cotec discussing various composition techniques across 19 chapters and nearly three hours of streamed video. Topics include pre-production, creating and organising your sound library, making a template, creating and developing sketches and more, with a nice section on using randomisation devices to help with inspiration.

This is arguably more “track” writing than “song” writing, but there are some references to song form later in the course. Most of the techniques are relevant to any DAW, but there are also plenty of Live tips, plus 2.5GB of project files and PDFs.

Our only gripe is that some of the volumes vary between chapters and the music is a little low. If you’re struggling to finish a track, this is a well thought out course to help put structure into your workflow.