FaderPro Finish My Record with Harry Romero Review

House music master Harry Romero takes the reins for Faderpro’s new Finish My Record pack…

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Finish My Record key features:

  • House music in Logic Pro
  • 9 chapters
  • 140+ minutes
  • Includes Logic project, stems and competition
  • Presented by Harry Romero

This unique course from Faderpro sees veteran producer Harry Romero build an acid-tinged house track from scratch across nine chapters. However, rather than take it to completion, he creates the main building blocks with the idea that they’re made available as stems for a collaborative remix competition.

Romero starts with the drums, then adds additional parts before moving onto the arrangement and further processing. It’s not as concise as some other tutorials and certain sections meander on a little, but you’re getting a deep insight into the methods of a premier artist in the field as he builds a track from the ground up.

Although it’s a little light on processing tips, there are plenty of useful insights into the writing process that may help or inspire.