Groove3 Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks Review

On the lookout for ways to get the best out of Ableton’s flagship DAW? Alex Holmes turns to Groove3 for some Live 10 tips & tricks…

live 10 tips & tricks


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Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks key features:

  • Live 10 tutorial (also Live 9 and Max For Life)
  • 50 Streamed/downloaded videos
  • 1 hour, 56 minutes
  • Workflow, editing, production, mixing and creative tips
  • Presented by Multiplier

Adam Pollard, AKA Multiplier joins forces with Groove3 for a new tutorial that’s packed with 50 videos of tips and tricks using Live 10. With a 1 hour and 56 minutes run time, the videos cover a wide range of topics, from workflow tricks and favourite short cuts, to editing, production and mixing tips, including a bunch of creative ways to use side-chaining, warping, envelope followers, racks and more.

Pollard’s slightly unusual and broken vocal delivery may not be to everyone’s tastes, but the content is top notch and every tip is concise and to the point. Most of the videos cover techniques relevant to Live 9, but some use Max For Live devices, and others show new functions in Live 10.

Whether you’re new to Live or a seasoned veteran, there are masses of inspiring and interesting ideas here to help you become an Ableton master.