Hybrid Two Project Alpha Review

With a steady stream of new release from the likes of Spitfire Audio, Project SAM, Sample Logic, Heavyocity and Sonokinetic, it would be fair to say that the average ‘cinematic composer’ has an almost endless appetite for new samples! The latest developer to join the fold is Hybrid Two, whose first library – Project ALPHA – has just been released.

Price £149
Contact Time+Space 01837 55200
Web www.timespace.com


Like many of the aforementioned companies, Hybrid Two comprises both sound designers and composers, as well as undertaking work in sample development. Ideally, the company’s unique industry insight should make Project ALPHA a relevant and exciting tool, but does this new cinematic library deliver the impact and sonic excitement we’d hope to expect?


Alpha Appeal

Compared to many other recent cinematic offerings, Project ALPHA seems somewhat modest in size, with around 2.3GB of data. The library doesn’t use Native Instruments’ Service Centre for authorisation, so you’ll need to ensure that you’re working with a full version of Kontakt 5.1 to use the library. Despite the relatively modest install size, there are more than 200 patches to play with, all intelligently divided between 13 or so category folders.

As the sound categories suggest, the library is oriented towards cinematic sound design, covering areas such as Impacts, Booms, Risers and Reverse FX as well as some fantastic tempo-sync’ed rhythms and synth lines.



Cinematic Ambitions

Overall, Project ALPHA is an excellent first offering from Hybrid Two, demonstrating an enviable knack at creating powerful cinematic effects. However, Project ALPHA does enter a rather crowded market, with numerous products already covering similar sounds in an effective way. While Project ALPHA undoubtedly provides plenty of new material, it’ll be interesting to see how Hybrid Two develops its own niche in the cinematic sampling market, especially given the somewhat prolific release schedule some developers



+ Powerful cutting-edge sound

+ Good UI

+ Great tempo-sync’ed sound

+ Deep low end

– Strong competition

– Occasionally taxing on CPU


With a host of superb cinematic effects and a powerful GUI, Project ALPHA is an impressive first outing for Hybrid Two.