I Dream Of Wires: Hardcore Edition Review

Many of you will be familiar with the large range of synth-emulation plug-ins available today. You may also be aware of the better-known classic analogue machines like the Minimoog, Arp 2600 and so on, but once you’ve viewed this extended Hardcore edition of the I Dream of Wires Documentary, you will be made aware of the full history of modular synths, as well as being shown an in-depth view of the current modular synth movement. 

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Part one of the disc is titled The Dawn And Near Extinction Of The Modular Synthesizer and it begins right back at the beginning, covering the initial harnessing of electricity and how electricity was then turned into a new type of sound. This section has a runtime of almost an 90 minutes and includes plenty of great historical imagery and footage. There’s lots of commentary from some familiar faces, and Trent Reznor also has a lot to say alongside many people who were essential to the early embracing of synth music.

Many rare classic machines are shown here as the film talks to the people keeping them alive, thus the film includes a lot of exclusive access material, which is a real treat. Part two is titled The Resurrection And Phenomenal Resurgence Of The Modular Synthesizer.

This section runs for more than two hours and really gets in-depth on the resurgence of modular synths. Analogue and digital are shown here alongside their respective strengths and weaknesses, while developers, collectors and performers tell their stories to a point where their enthusiasm becomes infectious.

The movie is accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack created using modular synths and is a treat from the opening titles to the end, so we recommended that you watch this movie on a full-range speaker system (it made very good use of the subwoofer during our viewing).



A recommended watch for those with any degree of interest in synths and synth music.