Loopmasters Essential Synths for Logic Pro X Review

Loopmasters Essential Synths for Logic Pro X brings plenty of new presets and channel strips to take advantage of 10.4. Alex Holmes tries them out…

Essential Synths for Logic Pro X

Price £19.95
Contact info@loopmasters.com | www.loopmasters.com

Essential Synths for Logic Pro X key features:

  • 120 Presets for ES1, ES2, Retro Synth, EFM1, Alchemy & Sculpture
  • 100+ Channel strip presets
  • Atmospheres, arps, pads, basses, leads & FX
  • Uses Logic’s latest tools
  • Produced by Colin C

This new preset pack for Logic takes advantage of the latest plug-ins and improvements that came with the 10.4 update and features 120 presets for Logic’s synth instruments, plus over 100 channel strips. The core sounds are mostly good and include unusual sounding atmospheres, bubbling fx rises, heavy basses, simple pads, and classic synth lead sounds and arps.

The channel strips are where the sounds really come to life though, adding an extra layer of playability via the XY pad on the StepFX and PhatFX plug-ins, which feature on many of the presets.

There’s also liberal use of the other new plug-ins such as the Vintage EQs and ChromaVerb to give the patches a richer sound, and the eight morphable performer setups in Alchemy help increase the overall palette. Not all the sounds are winners, but there’s plenty here to explore, and the pads in particular are lovely.