MeldaProduction MWobbler Review

MWobbler, from MeldaProduction, is a distorting filter plug-in with two serial filters, 98 filter types and a huge amount of modulation options that can turn a simple sine wave into a growling monster. 

Price: €50
Manufacturer: MeldaProduction
Contact: Via Website


At the heart of the plug-in are the filters themselves, which range from simple high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-reject to more exotic formant, comb, diffusion and polymorph types.

Each one sounds slightly different at varying frequencies, with further tweaking available via a Character slider on certain types. The filters also have a Drive at the input stage, followed by tube saturation on the way out, which, when combined with the global Saturation and an optional clipper on the final output gives a total of six potential stages of distortion

Most of the filter and distortion parameters can be set to follow the main LFO and envelope generator, which are insanely configurable – to the extent that you can even load in a waveform as the shape for modulation. You can also add phase difference to the left and right sides of the LFO, essentially creating a stereo widening effect, and you also have four highly configurable additional modulators, which include a random generator and even pitch detection and tracking for matching filter movements to a melody or bass line. In fact, there are far too many features to mention them all here, but some of the highlights include 16x oversampling, four configurable macro controls, automatic gain compensation, extensive MIDI control, smart randomisation, M/S and surround processing, alongside a large library of presets.

Although there is a super-simplified interface for quick tweaking tasks, the main edit windows may take some getting used to if you’re not familiar with the MeldaProduction way of doing things. The windows within windows and multiple options can seem a little daunting at first sight, but it’s definitely worth persevering as this is an absolute beast of a filter and sound design tool.

Selling this as a wobble bass generator is doing an injustice to the endless possibilities on offer.However, if you happen to have a penchant for crafting dirty, complex bass sounds, this could just be the thing you need.




A superb sound-design tool with complex but hugely flexible modulation options. MWobbler excels at creating dirty, moving bass sounds – and a whole lot more.