Minimal Techno Revolution Volume 2 Review

The sound of minimal techno has evolved over the last few years, dropping some of its friendlier melodic elements in favour of a harder, more industrial sound. Programming wizard Oliver Schmitt – aka Sounds of Revolution –has taken these changes onboard in his latest offering, Minimal Techno Revolution Volume 2.

Manufacturer: Sounds of Revolution
Price: £50.95

This is a massive 1.49GB library of cutting-edge techno sounds, with 628 loops and 561 one-shots plus 33 patches for EXS24 and Kontakt. The full zip version also includes REX 2 copies of the loops, but if you’re after only certain elements, cut-down versions are also available. From throbbing sub loops and clanging, metallic synth grooves to intricate glitch beats and percussion, there is a huge amount of material here. The drum loop folder alone is divided into nine sub-folders for different types of loop, including clicks, noise loops, vocal chops and SID chip grooves. There’s also a main drum collection called Loop Kits, which contains full beats plus several variations and layers to help aid with arrangement.

Our favourite sections, however, are the immaculately engineered bass and synth riffs, which somehow straddle the line between sounding hard-edged and complex yet rounded and pleasing. There’s also good use of reverb, ambience and stereo effects to help give life and a sense of space to each sound. Moving on, you’ll find a decent selection of drum hits with original-sounding processing, plus glitch fragments, minimal synth sounds and SID chip bleeps. There are also some excellent futuristic FX sounds that clearly demonstrate Schmitt’s exceptional sound design skills. Topping things off are heavily processed female vocal lines and  a handful of lightly processed, vintage movie samples to add character to key points in your track, which while not quite as polished and useful as the rest, are a nice addition to what is an already impressive package.

Once again, Schmitt has crafted a stunningly produced example of cutting-edge electronica. This is a large and well thought-out library packed with immaculate engineering and club-ready sounds.



An excellent collection that’s packed with quality loops and exquisitely engineered modern techno sounds.