ModeAudio Eclipse – Dark Ambient Samples & Drones Review

Alex Holmes channels the dark, ambient sounds of Hollywood’s more atmospheric soundtracks with ModeAudio’s Eclipse…


Price £18



Eclipse key features

  • 110 drones and atmospheres
  • 1.17GB of 24-bit WAVs
  • 13s to 1m 23s in length
  • Subtle details and texture
  • Inspired by Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez and Jóhann Jóhannsson

Eclipse from ModeAudio is a collection of 110 textured drones and atmospheres taking inspiration from an array of modern-day film scores, evoking images of apocalyptic landscapes and drifting galaxies.

To help with categorisation, the pack is divided into Atmospheric Drones, Dark Drones, Movement, Sub Basses and Textures, with files ranging from 10-second sweeps to longer, minute-long evolving soundscapes.

There’s a good balance of subtle, textured detail to keep things interesting, but enough simplicity to make each bed highly usable to underscore dialogue. Although it’s clearly aimed at composers of film and TV soundtracks, it could be equally at home when used to add epic tension to a techno breakdown or d’n’b intro.