ModeAudio Lo Life Lofi House Loops Review

Lo Life Lofi House Loops is a pack of crunchy house loops from ModeAudio that comes in a choice of Acid Wav, REX, Ableton Live, or ReFill formats…

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Price £18
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Lo Life Lofi House Loops key features:

  • Lo-fi house loops and hits
  • 414MB of 24-bit audio, plus 104 MIDI files
  • 150 Loops, 43 tails, and 83 hits
  • Acid Wav, REX, Ableton Live, or ReFill formats
  • Live version has 10 projects

There are 150 loops that cover raw, squelchy basses, deep and grungy synths and chunky sounding house drums with plenty of groove, plus 104 MIDI files so you can use your own sounds.

On top of this, there are 83 characterful drum hits, and a folder of tail sounds that can be used to finish the loops, or loaded into a sampler to form new playable instruments. There’s a fair bit of variety in the instrumental loops, including lively mallet riffs and arps, and some excellent dusty analogue synth swells.

Everything has a pretty heavily saturated finish, but it works well with the overall vibe. Our only really minor gripe is that some of the more aggressively squelchy bass loops didn’t seem to quite fit in. Nevertheless these Lo-fi house loops have plenty of character and could be a great asset to your mix.