ModeAudio Shared Tomorrow Review – Nostalgic And Futuristic

We let ourselves enjoy sounds of both the past and future as we try out ModeAudio’s new pack, Shared Tomorrow. Here’s how we got on…

shared tomorrow

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Shared Tomorrow key features

  • Analogue downtempo loops
  • 160 loops, 74 tail samples, 68 drum hits
  • 109 MIDI Files
  • Acid WAV, REX2, ReFill or Ableton formats
  • 20 Dr. Octo Rex Patches for Reason, 12 Ableton Live projects

Shared Tomorrow is a new pack from ModeAudio that contains 611MB of hazy, analogue loops, with a nod towards 80s retro and the occasionally apocalyptic, effects-treated vintage analogue-gear inspired sounds of Boards Of Canada.

The heavily saturated drums are a mix of drum machines and more live-sounding percussion, and are chunky and solid enough. There are also some warm and resonant analogue basslines, dreamy pads, and shimmering, metallic guitars that are drenched in vintage-sounding reverb and FX.

Sci-fi fans can rejoice, as the largest folder contains some excellent Blade Runner-esque synth riffs that could be used to build the foundation of a track. To round things off, there are also 68 crunchy drum hits, 109 MIDI files, and tails samples for all of the musical loops.

Although nine times out of ten, the expertly used saturation adds a lovely, lo-fi feel to the riffs and beats, its application occasionally feels a little too heavy handed.