ModeAudio Spray Review

ModeAudio’s newest pack Spray is a massive selection of spellbinding and avant garde samples to add to your next project.

ModeAudio Spray



Price £20
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Spray key features:

  • Granular texture samples
  • 188 files
  • 1.3GB of 24-bit audio
  • Drones, grains, guitars and textures
  • 15 to 70 second long samples
  • 38 tail samples

Spray Granular Texture Samples is a collection of 188 textures and drones from ModeAudio, that uses custom-designed granular synthesis processes to craft evocative, unnerving and beautiful soundscapes. The pack uses basses, field recordings, guitars, keys, piano, drums, noise and synths to create detailed and cinematic evolving textures and crackling rhythms. There’s also a folder of 38 tail samples that can be used to give the sounds a smooth and natural decay. Some of the more stuttering and juddering samples are quite avant garde, so might prove harder to fit into a track or soundtrack. As such, our favourite sounds came from the closer grained and slightly more musical, guitar, piano, and synth drones, some of which are incredibly beautiful, evoking images of a shimmering guitar solo in a cavernous entrance hall to heaven! [Steady – Ed] Spray is arguably quite a niche pack, but it’s also expertly crafted and unlike anything we’ve heard before.