NI Traktor Audio 2 Review

Native Instruments has an enviable lineup of digital DJ products and Traktor DJ for iOS is a quite remarkable app…

Manufacturer Native Instruments
Price £89
Contact 0845 5272006


In addition to NI’s range of larger audio and DJ interfaces it has now created Traktor Audio 2, a pocket-sized soundcard that nonetheless promises sound big enough to fill the dance floor. This thing really is tiny – around the size of a deck of cards and weighing even less – and it has rubber feet to prevent it sliding around.

It comes with two cables: one a standard USB2 to mini USB for connection to your Mac or PC for operation as a regular soundcard, and a mini USB to 30-pin Dock connector for hooking up to an iOS device. You’ll notice there’s no Lightning cable included, so NI recommends using one of Apple’s Dock to Lightning adaptors for any recent Apple portable device. At £25 these aren’t expensive but do add to your overall outlay so it’s worth knowing this in advance.

When connected to a computer, enough power is supplied for full operation. When connected to an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch the box will work but not at maximum volume output and it will drain your battery rather quickly. NI offers an optional power supply at £22, which you’d have to say is always preferable to running out of juice mid-set.

The reason for the power draw is that the Audio 2 runs at 24-bit, 48kHz resolution and has dual mini-jack stereo outputs. One is the main output and one the headphones out so, as you’d expect, you can pre-listen and
cue tracks before sending them to the room. The main output runs at full volume but there are controls on board for headphone volume and headphone cue mix.

You can switch the Traktor app to internal or external mixer modes and either use the box as your main interface or send signal to a DJ mixer for greater control. The results and build quality are excellent and it comes with a download code for Traktor LE 2. Though small, it definitely punches above its weight.