Numark Lightwave Review

In this mini-review we take a look at the Lightwave from Numark…

Manufacturer Numark
Price £219.99 (per speaker, street)
Contact via website


The lines between gear for producing, gear for performing and gear for DJing are becoming more blurred by the day. And gear for all three seems to be getting more colourful, more fun and has far more flashing lights than ever before. Numark’s Lightwave ticks all of the above boxes, as it’s fun, colourful and flashes, and can be used for performing and playing your productions!

Lightwave is essentially really just a powered speaker with added bells and whistles, aka flashing lights that come by way of a dual LED array. There are plenty of occasions where such a system is needed, according to Numark. “Countless small- to medium venues need top-quality DJ/PA sound and celebratory lighting: weddings, graduation parties, karaoke contests, pool parties, recitals, reunions…” it goes on, before adding, “complicated stacks of equipment and lighting are both inappropriate and unnecessary.”

Numark’s Lightwave speaker is a solution, then. It’s a beefy package and even though it says ‘lightweight’ the 10.43kg speaker is hefty, especially to studio users, like us, not used to carrying anything, let alone PA gear. But it’s also a serious piece of kit.

It packs a good volume, easily good enough for a house party at half volume and more than capable of holding its own outside on a medium scale. The sound is clear, too, with little distortion at high levels. We tried plugging in everything from phones and laptops to keyboards and were pretty impressed with the results. And the lights even more so!


You get several patterns and can choose the colours and brightness of each or have rotating ones. Out of all of them the Meter option is the best, exhibiting the meters of a mixer, but that might be the inner music production geek in us trying to get out.

Okay these aren’t mixing monitors really (although do play your mixes on them for comparison), and they’re not to be taken too seriously, but they’re solid, sound good and add a bit of colour to your (probably already colourful) setup. It’s not often we venture out of the studio onto the road but we could easily be tempted with a couple of Lightwaves.

Key Features
● 100 watt continuous powered speaker
● Features dual LED light array
● Five lighting modes
● Connections:  phono ins, mini-jack in, XLR out to expand system with extra speakers or sub
● Dimensions (WxDxH): 214x257x742mm
● Weight:  10.4kg