Essential Studio Drums Review

We’ve seen plenty of drum libraries over the years, from the varied expansion packs for Superior Drummer and EZdrummer to live grooves from the...

D16 GroupAudio Sigmund Review

Delay plug-in effects can be divided into two extremes. The first is the super-simple delay that offers delay time, feedback control and maybe a...

Arturia MicroBrute Review – Micro Machine

The MusicTech Arturia MicroBrute review. The MicroBrute is the latest in Arturia's hardware synth line, but at £269 it costs more like a piece...

Universal Audio Ocean Way Studios Review

UA’s latest UAD plug-in is a unique take on re-creating the sound and acoustics of a classic studio. Mark Cousins learns more. Details Price $349 Contact Source...

My Audio Design Grand MS Review

The Grand MS represents My Audio Design’s initial foray into the pro-audio monitor market. John Pickford is all ears... Details Price £4,499 Contact MAD - 020 8123 9789 Web

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