Review: BlueLab Panogram

The new energy-visualisation plug-in from French firm BlueLab will help you play the field and leave you anything but bleu.




A simple but effective tool to help you better understand and widen the stereo field.

Price £30
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This unique plug-in visualises and lets you manipulate sound energy across the stereo field. Its GUI lacks pizazz but it’s intuitive and easy to use. Adjustable controls allow you to tweak the visual display’s brightness, contrast and sharpness, and highlighting the section of the stereo field you want to examine is as simple as drawing a rectangle around it.

There are also adjustable width, pan and output controls, as well as a mono-to-stereo widening button that allows you to do solid-sounding mono-compatible widening. In a clever touch, BlueLab have built in a function through which you can freeze the display and then loop a selected selection to help you hone in on a particular part – though it might have been better if this was synced to the host. Technically, the audio selection isn’t designed for clean audio extraction but the resulting artefacts can result in some distinctive sound design.

Key features

  • Stereo-visualisation plug-in
  • Plays a selection of the stereo field
  • Freeze mode
  • Stereo widening and mono-to-stereo
  • Resizable GUI