Prime Loops The Sound of Wretch 32 and Knox Brown Review

We’re always a little sceptical about grime and R&B sample packs as the soundset often includes fake-sounding orchestral instruments and fairly predictable electronic beats.

However, the latest in Prime Loops’ new Artist Edition series comes courtesy of chart-topping UK rapper Wretch 32 and production partner Knox Brown, and features an eclectic array of playful beats and soulful instrument loops.



Manufacturer Prime Loops
Price £24.95

The pack contains 649MB of 24-bit audio divided into ten song kits plus a small collection of drum hits and is available in ACID WAV, Apple Loops, Rex2, ReFill, Live Pack and AKAI hardware formats. With tempos ranging from 72–134BPM, there’s plenty of variety here, including downbeat R&B ballads, grime anthems with military style snares and even indie-influenced guitar-based tracks. It’s a heady mix of contrasting influences, but all tied together with the loosely sampled aesthetic of classic MPC-style hip hop. Although some of the guitar and bass riffs are a little roughly played, it all adds to the charm of the pack, and when combined with deep and mature piano progressions forms an intriguing mix.

Many of the beats combine both tight electronic sounds with more raw, live-sounding hits to provide a broader palette of grooves. You also get the impression that some of the fills and edits have been played in live to give things a looser and more soulful edge. Although some tracks fall into more predictable rhythms, with the odd dry brass or harp line, they are generally rescued by some form of interesting panning, delay or reverb. That said, the overall processing is fairly light, giving many of the sounds a raw and simple feel. In theory, many of the guitar and synth lines could be easily created with a modest setup, but it’s in the wonky beats, lush piano chords and original vocal chops that this pack really shines. The one-shot drum hits are a nice addition: solid with a fair amount of variety.

This is a fresh-sounding pack that combines both solid R&B and grime production with more eclectic influences and delightfully unpredictable instrumentation, harmonies and grooves.




An intriguing pack of both contemporary grime beats and unpredictable influences.



Key Features
● 10 song kits and full mixes
● 72–134BPM
● 57 additional drum hits
● 649MB of 24-bit audio
● Produced by Wretch 32 and Knox Brown