Producer Loops World Tek Review

World Tek Vol 3 is a new library from Producer Loops that combines the work of sound designer Jeff Rhodes and multi-instrumentalist Todd Milne in an intriguing mix of electronic production and live instrumentation with an Eastern edge. 



Manufacturer Producer Loops
Price £19.95
Contact via website

The pack is available in Acid WAV & REX, Apple Loops & REX, or Reason ReFill formats and contains around 760MB of 24-bit audio. There is quite a mix on offer, including synth bass, synth, FX, guitar, flutes, shakuhachi, processed drums and percussion, and live drums and percussion. You could arguably divide this pack into two: the live, recorded elements, and the heavily processed, sound-designed elements.

Starting with the former, you have some exquisite flute riffs played on several different types of flute, including bamboo, porcelain and wooden, which have been recorded in a Buddhist temple for an extra dose of natural ambient reverb. You also have Shakuhachi loops with expertly controlled tremolo that instantly evokes images of Eastern traditions, mountains and villages. Adding to this is a handful of nice guitar riffs plus a whole range of live drum and percussion loops that have a delicate softness to them.

On the flip side, we have heavily processed drums and percussion with highly original groove programming and sound design alongside several variations for each groove plus some interesting – if occasionally slightly odd – synth bass riffs. To round things off there’s a mixed bag of FX hits and beds, synth plucks and pad-like sounds, which could be used to add an extra dimension to your tracks.

The only negative of the live instrument parts is that the tails of the notes are occasionally cut short as a side effect of the loops being cut from a longer performance. It’s also a somewhat odd pack in that some of the synth and bass parts seem a little out of place with the Eastern flutes and tribal percussion. However, the recording, performance and sound design are all top-notch, and at this price you have very little reason to complain, especially if you’re a media composer looking to give an Eastern vibe to your project.



A mixed bag of heavily sound-designed synths and electronic beats alongside live guitar, drums and percussion, plus exquisite live flute and shakuhachi riffs.