Producertech: Producer’s Guide to Neutron 2 Review

Looking to exploit every feature with iZotope’s updated Neutron 2? Alex Holmes opens up the Producer’s Guide to Neutron 2 from Producertech in search of the answers…

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Producer’s Guide to Neutron 2 key features

Joshua Casper dives into iZotope’s recently updated Neutron 2 mixing suite, across 19 chapters and two-and-a-half hours of video. Casper begins with an overview of the plug-in, before moving on to look at Neutron’s unique features such as the Track Assistant, Masking EQ, and the new Visual Mixer, Mix Tap and Tonal Balance Control plug-ins.

The next section delves into each module one by one, and includes a useful extra video on working with External Sidechain signals, although it’s a shame the internal sidechain options aren’t explored a little more.

To finish, there’s an excellent, extended 40-minute section that looks at a real world mix of a modern reggae track using just Neutron 2, and you get the stems plus 10 bonus presets so you can experiment yourself. If you’re interested, this video leads directly on to a mastering course using Ozone 8 (sold separately).