Propellerhead McDSP C670 Rack Extension Review

We’re playing catch up with some of the raft of amazing Propellerhead rack extensions that have materialised over the last few years. Here we take a look at the C670 – McDSP’s Rack Extension version of the Fairchild 670 Compressor…

Publisher: McDSP
Price: $49



We’re catching up with some of the latest and greatest Reason Rack Extensions as there is a special offer on the DAW at the moment*. C670 is McDSP’s Rack Extension version of the Fairchild 670 compressor, one of the most sought after pieces of studio equipment out there, and yours if you have a spare £20-30k in your back pocket (and strong arms to lift the damn thing).

It is highly regarded for its silky soft knee compression which helped add a certain smoothness to a mix but also the sound imparted from its many valves which also helped add a beauty and breadth not matched by anything else out there, either then or since – hence the price still commanded by the original. McDSP’s version does add a certain silk to the mix, offering a richness and gradual duvet like quality and comfort.

With multistage compression it also adds features over and goes further than the original and can therefore be used more effectively on different parts of your song, whereas the original was noted for how well it worked on certain song elements – vocals for example – and indeed the entire mix.


While you could argue that nothing could be like an original Fairchild, C670 will certainly find a permanent slot in your rack for simple but highly effective compression.

Unlike the original C670’s valves won’t need replacing and nor will your bank balance (especially with that Reason offer below*).

Key Features
• Rack extension based on the classic Fairchild compressor
• Smooth compression and sound
• Simple three-way controls
• Added features include multi stage compression

*Propellerhead Software is running a special promotion from 15th February to 15th March this year whereby anyone buying Reason 8 (full version) will get over $370 worth (£250) of best-selling instrument and effect Rack Extension plug-ins, including Radical Keys, for free

The following Rack Extensions will be free during the promotional period

• Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesizer (Valued at $99)
• Propellerhead Radical Keys (Valued at $99)
• McDSP FutzBox (Valued $79) – Nominated for a TEC Award this year!
• Propellerhead Synchronous ( valued at $49)
• McDSP C670 Compressor (valued at $49)

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