Propellerhead Radical Keys Rack Extension Review

It’s the latest rack extension from Propellerhead to come under review, this time we examine Radical Keys…

Publisher: Propellerhead
Price: $99



We’re catching up with some of the latest and greatest Reason Rack Extensions as there is a special offer on the DAW at the moment*. Like PX7, Radical Keys proves that Reason is not just about big analogue synth beef and bluster, and again demonstrates that Rack Extensions can extend the DAWs sound into more delicate (and not so delicate) electric piano areas.

You get three classic electrics to play with and 101 patches spread out in three folders: Natural, Production and Radical. The sound does get a tad samey after the first two banks but fortunately a mass of hands-on controls and effects will bring you some very different results after a few tweaks.

In the Radical bank this is done for you and we’d have preferred much more of these as they can be very ‘out there’ and super cool (just check out Paris Pianet and Stab Me presets for examples of these). But the options are certainly there for you to create more Radical departures like this, making this a great, hands-on extension to Reason


Extends that Reason rack very well in to some delightful piano areas, some more radical than others. Great, hands-on control to instantly change the sound allows you to dabble further.

Key Features
• Three classic electric pianos: Rhodes Mk 1, Wurlitzer and Pianet T
• Blend between line-recorded, amplified and room mic signals
• 101 patches
• Hands on controls include resonance, envelope, mechanical noise, velocity response
• Effects include Tremolo, Compressor, Overdrive, EQ, Phaser, Chorus and Ambience processing

Propellerhead Software is running a special promotion from 15th February to 15th March this year whereby anyone buying Reason 8 (full version) will get over $370 worth (£250) of best-selling instrument and effect Rack Extension plug-ins, including Radical Keys, for free

The following Rack Extensions will be free during the promotional period

• Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesizer (Valued at $99)
• Propellerhead Radical Keys (Valued at $99)
• McDSP FutzBox (Valued $79) – Nominated for a TEC Award this year!
• Propellerhead Synchronous ( valued at $49)
• McDSP C670 Compressor (valued at $49)

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