Propellerhead Synchronous Review

We’re playing catch up with a wealth of fantastic Rack Extensions for Reason that are currently on offer from Propellerhead. In this review we take a look at Synchronous…


Publisher: Propellerhead
Price: $49


We’re catching up with some of classic Reason Rack Extensions as there is a special offer on the DAW at the moment*. PX7 and Radical Keys prove that Reason is not just about analogue delights but Synchronous returns us to the big sounds that made the software famous.

This time around, though, it’s all about adding wobble and animation to your sound with a huge modulation engine so that the rack extension can act as a sound source and modifier with its engine able to route to anything via anywhere!


As such, expect everything from subtle tremolo to not so subtle dubstep modulation and movement, with plenty of ducking and pumping along the way. Sounds include over 100 presets that take in everything from big rhythmic loops to guitar effects to pads and walls of sound.

They’re a hard bunch to categorise but it’s the effects – split into Ambience, Filtered, Pumping, Stutter, Sweeps and Wobble folders – where you will lose yourself and your time, creating sounds and designs from your dreams (and nightmares). This is one RE to experiment with to get the best out of but also one of the most creative that we’ve looked at. An excellent Reason resource.


Great RE for adding movement and dynamics and comes with a very useable set of presets but comes into its own with its effects and modulation engine that can be applied to anything within Reason.

Key Features

• Modulation Rack Extension and resource

• Features over 100 preset sounds

• Four built-in effects: distortion, filter, delay and reverb

• Graphic user interface allows you to draw modulation curves

• Use CV out to control other effect devices in the Reason rack

Propellerhead Software is running a special promotion from 15th February to 15th March this year whereby anyone buying Reason 8 (full version) will get over $370 worth (£250) of best-selling instrument and effect Rack Extension plug-ins, including Radical Keys, for free

The following Rack Extensions will be free during the promotional period

• Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesizer (Valued at $99)
• Propellerhead Radical Keys (Valued at $99)
• McDSP FutzBox (Valued $79) – Nominated for a TEC Award this year!
• Propellerhead Synchronous ( valued at $49)
• McDSP C670 Compressor (valued at $49)

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