Reason Rack Extension PX7 v1.1 Review

We take a look at Propellerhead’s PX7 Rack Extension, is it worth your attention…


Publisher: Propellerhead
Price: $99


With The Props having a special offer on Reason now – see below* – we thought it time for a quick catch up on some of its rack extensions, so here’s the latest version (1.1) of PX7. This RE is based on the ubiquitous Yamaha FM synth and the sound is back in vogue thanks to all manner of styles – from dubstep to downtempo – and you can hear why with this huge sound resource.

You get several banks including leads, keys, several legacy sets, and the more obvious FM bell type sounds. It’s great to hear these older style sounds within Reason, a DAW so often perhaps unfairly judged as an analogue specialist (certainly not a mid 80s digital one anyway!). The strings are the biggest surprise with the analogue ones sounding super realistic.

The pads, and percussive elements are also well represented and stand out in the legacy folders, taking us right back to our early experiences with a Yamaha CX music computer! Inevitably there will be some duffers – it is based on a synth more than three decades old after all – but of course there is enough hands on control and tweaking through the interface to make all sorts of changes (and it’s far more approachable than the original in this regard).


One incredible factoid left and that is that the latest v1.1 includes not only more automation but a PX7 200k collection with 168,000 patches (yes you read that right) said to be ‘the most complete set of all sounds ever made for the DX series.’ We’ll not review them all but suffice to say, you can’t really ask for more!


Key Features
• Six operato FM synth rack extension
• Faithful recreation of the popular DX
• 32 selectable algorithms
• Free PX7 200k ReFill comes with 100 000+ sounds for PX7
• Patch converter takes Yamaha DX7 patches and converts them to PX7 format

*Propellerhead Software is running a special promotion from 15th February to 15th March this year whereby anyone buying Reason 8 (full version) will get over $370 worth (£250) of best-selling instrument and effect Rack Extension plug-ins, including PX7, for free

The following Rack Extensions will be free during the promotional period

• Propellerhead PX7 FM Synthesizer (Valued at $99)
• Propellerhead Radical Keys (Valued at $99)
• McDSP FutzBox (Valued $79) – Nominated for a TEC Award this year!
• Propellerhead Synchronous ( valued at $49)
• McDSP C670 Compressor (valued at $49)

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