Samplecraze Beat Construction Review

Aiming to remove the shroud of secrecy around techniques used in electronic drum production by the biggest names in the game, this e-book from Eddie Bazil covers many aspects of drum-sound technique and is accompanied by a large selection of reference and example audio files.


Manufacturer Samplecraze
Price $15
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At 193 pages, this book covers a lot of ground. Starting with a guide to making the most out of the book’s content, Eddie takes you through the terminology used by producers and also clarifies quite a few legal issues in respect to sample-based work.

Eddie next digs into beat-construction, dynamics and quantizing – the fundamentals of beat-creation. Numerous visual aids are sourced from various pieces of software and he strikes a nice balance between dense, informative text and the accompanying imagery, helping you to fully grasp each concept. Everything is explained in a good deal of depth, so this will be of interest to entry-level learners as well as more seasoned practitioners.

There are too many sections to list here but they all go into good detail, offering plenty of different solutions and approaches to the same task, and the reading is easy thanks to Eddie’s casual style. He also explains that it isn’t necessarily designed to be read front-to-back – each section is set out in such a way that you can jump in without having to read previous sections.

Whether you’re new to the art of beat-creation or already working at a more advanced level, there’s sure to be something here for you.




A very useful educational and reference tool for both beginners and more advanced beat-makers.